Article Review One

In between classes or on a quick break from work when I am starving and can usually eat a horse, I head to the vending machine to grab something to eat.  In the past, I would have to dig through my bag, which seemed to be a bottomless bag like Mary Poppin’s, to just get the exact changed needed for the machine. Instead we now have credit card swipe machines in order to make payment easy and fast, as discussed in the blog, “Vending Machines Get Smart to Accommodate the Cashless.” 

At Hofstra University, the vending machines have places to swipe our cards in order to purchase from the vending machine.  When I brought this up to my friend, she agreed that it is easier to swipe than to dig through a bag for change or a couple of dollars. We laughed as we swiped our cards for a bag of chips, remembering the good old days of exact change.

Finally, many students do not carry cash with them making the swipe machine an easier form of payment, which is supported by  the blog “Vending Machines Going Cashless.” 

Snack Vending Machine